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Pgroove2004-10-08d1t07_64kb.mp3 2.404.10.09 21:20:14Perpetual GrooveSay It Ain't So*2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:05:07 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t07_vbr.mp3 7.304.10.09 23:27:35Perpetual GrooveSay It Ain't So*2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:07:36128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d2t01_64kb.mp3 4.304.10.10 00:09:05Perpetual GrooveMarch Of Gibbles Army->2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:09:07 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t06_64kb.mp3 3.504.10.10 03:13:25Perpetual Groove53 Things To Do In Zero Gravit2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:07:22 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t06_vbr.mp3 9.904.10.09 21:30:30Perpetual GrooveAll This Everything Pt 22004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:10:24128S44
Pgroove2004-10-09d2t03_vbr.mp311.604.10.12 14:08:31Perpetual GrooveLife->2004-10-09 - Speed Of Surround T0:12:09128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t05_64kb.mp3 22:32:35Perpetual GrooveCrowd2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:02:27 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t05_64kb.mp3 2.404.10.10 02:44:39Perpetual GrooveAll This Everything Pt 1->2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:05:06 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t04_64kb.mp3 6.704.10.09 21:39:17Perpetual GrooveAim2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:14:06 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t03_64kb.mp3 1.904.10.10 03:15:59Perpetual GrooveJust Crusin'2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:04:02 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d2t04_vbr.mp312.104.10.09 20:41:43Perpetual GrooveLa Casa Bien2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:12:41128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t02_64kb.mp3 5.604.10.10 02:51:56Perpetual GrooveSweet Oblivious Antidote2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:11:45 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t04_vbr.mp320.604.10.10 03:08:39Perpetual GrooveAim2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:21:28128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d2t02_vbr.mp3 5.804.10.10 02:26:27Perpetual GrooveLa Casa Bien->2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:06:02128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t04_vbr.mp319.004.10.09 22:53:08Perpetual GrooveStevie's Scooter2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:19:49128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d2t03_vbr.mp313.204.10.10 03:25:12Perpetual GrooveLeft To Drifting->2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:13:46128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t01_vbr.mp319.904.10.10 02:41:22Perpetual GrooveRobot Waltz2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:20:48128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d2t05_vbr.mp321.004.10.09 22:30:55Perpetual GrooveStealy Man2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:21:57128S44
Pgroove2004-10-09d2t03_64kb.mp3 3.804.10.12 09:05:59Perpetual GrooveLife->2004-10-09 - Speed Of Surround T0:07:57 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t03_vbr.mp3 5.804.10.09 20:53:54Perpetual GrooveJust Crusin'2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:06:03128S44
Pgroove2004-10-08d1t01_64kb.mp3 9.304.10.09 22:03:18Perpetual GroovePerihelion2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:19:31 64S22
Pgroove2004-10-08d3t02_64kb.mp3 23:03:46Perpetual GrooveMacumba2004-10-08 - Speed Of Surround T0:16:47 64S22

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